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Why No One Is Truly Opposed to Dumb COVID Rules

Animals, Let’s face it. We all work in customer service. If you sell car insurance, you better be ready to provide speedy payment to your clients when a tree falls onto their Prius. And if you’re a doctor who wants to keep his patients, you’d better treat them with respect. That means short waiting room […]

Queen Nicki Leaves No Crumbs After Hosting the RHOP Reunion| The Tea

Plus, Kanye’s Heartbreak, Celebrity Illness shockers and Jen Shah’s legal woes just got worse. On this episode of “The Tea” Ashley, Blake and Brie dive into celebrity illness and heartbreak. To share, or not to share, that is the question.  Keep reading and watch the episode below for fresh takes on the latest entertainment and […]

The Omicron “Scary-iant” & Football Funny Money | Political Drinking Games

Animals,   The Most Wonderful Time of the Year has just intersected with the most wonderful time of the week.  By that I mean, it’s time to put a little Christmas spirit into Erupt’s political drinking games.  On offer this week:  The world has a new COVID variant. Congratulations, omicron!  Twitter has a new CEO. Will he be […]

Why Democrats Are Freaking Out For All the Wrong Reasons

Animals, Lots of people can spot a problem. But most don’t know how to fix it. That’s one reason why I hire someone to change my flat tires and patch the holes I put in my surfboard. Perhaps nowhere is this issue more accute than in the political trade, where socially inept staffers give advice […]

Taylor Swift’s Scorched Earth Trail of Destruction | The Tea

Plus Adele has her Oprah moment, Paris gets married and Britney is freed (again.) Three women who are owning our hearts right now. On this episode of “The Tea” Ashley, Blake and Brie set the table and dish on who had a bigger week. Brit Brit, Tay Tay, or ‘Dele ‘Dele (?) Fresh takes on […]


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